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Our history

1975    Narvesen Kiosk Kompagni and Norwegian Spisevognselskap merged.
  One of the divisions was named Narvesen catering, later Narvesen servering.

1993     Narvesen AS receives exclusive rights to Burger King Norway

1994     Narvesen AS acquires Peppes Pizza

1996     Narvesen AS opens the first Scandinavian TGI Fridays in Stockholm

2001    Narvesen merges with Reitangruppen

2002    Reitan Narvesen sells Serveringsdivisjonen to Umoe. The company is now called Umoe Catering

2006    Portfolio extended with concepts like Eataly, Beach Club, Mrs. Hagen, Bistro Brocante and     Fattigmann

2008    The company restructured and changed its name from Umoe Catering to Umoe Restaurant     Group

2011    Blender established in connection with the increased focus on airports and the shopping     segment

2012    Umoe Restaurant Group gets the rights to Starbucks in Norway and Sweden

2012    Umoe Restaurant Group receive Master Franchise rights to Burger King in Scandinavia

2013    Umoe Restaurant Group gets a new logo and makes a simplification of the name; Umoe Restaurants