vision & values

"A better everyday for everyone". This includes guests, employees, customers and suppliers

Umoe Restaurants is the first employer for many of our employees. Our main social responsibility is to create awareness about the rules and regulations of work-life, treat each other with respect, create service attitude and business sense. These are essential skills whether you move on to be a rocket scientist, a school teacher or choose a restaurant career .
We train more than 500 employees and managers every year, because we believe that investing in our people is our greatest profit.

CLEAR We say what we mean, and have clear expectations

BOLD We dare to talk about the difficult things, and we dare to try new markest and products

LISTENING We listen to each other, our guests and the market

HONEST We have transparency, always play by the book, and never cheat with our products or service

FAIR We have healthy working conditions, treat each other with respect, and can always be trusted