Blender AS continuing to expand in the airport market

Blender has been awarded a five-year contract for catering in the international terminal at Værnes Airport. Blender's general manager, Ronny Gjøse, enthusiastically reports that he is very pleased to have won a tough, demanding, highly competitive tender competition against a number of other players.

Blender has won the catering contract in the international terminal, with a café and restaurant concept called Simply Good, a Pronto Pronto kiosk and a pub concept called Barometer.


"We are thrilled to have won this contract," says Ronny Gjøse. "The airports are about to undergo some major remodelling, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to offer travellers a wide range of good food and beverages after the security check.


Simply Good is a restaurant concept that was launched in 2011 at Sola Airport. The concept has been very well received, and Blender is confident that the concept will go down just as well at Værnes Airport. Simply Good offers a wide variety of good food, based on fresh ingredients and a love of cooking. Travellers will find everything from fresh pastries and sandwiches, to delicious salads, to tasty main courses.


Pronto Pronto is Blender's kiosk concept and will be located in the same premises as Simply Good in the international terminal. "Here travellers will find everything they would normally expect from a kiosk, such as a variety of hotdogs, newspapers and magazines, beverages, and a wide range of snacks and other kiosk items that we are sure will appeal to travellers," says Gjøse.


Barometer is Blender's bar concept. We know that many people like to start their trip abroad enjoying a drink with their travelling companions in pleasant surroundings, and we are confident that Barometer will live up to expectations. With a wide range of drinks, Barometer will be an attractive, pleasant bar that we believe will be a popular choice. Whether you want to sit in peace or watch the hustle and bustle of the airport, you will be able to do it here. The emphasis will be on an inviting, varied interior that makes passengers feel at home.


"We have offered Værnes Airport some of Blender's most exciting concepts. We are looking forward to being able to offer a wide range of good food made by dedicated chefs in Simply Good and great beverages in the cosy, pleasant atmosphere of Barometer. There will be something for everyone, whether they want a quick snack on the go, a good nutritious bite, or a proper sit-down meal. We are looking forward to offering all this and more in autumn 2013," concludes Ronny Gjøse.